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Net Sales ¥ 3 Billion
Countries Served 15
of EmployeesApprox 150

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How to start a beauty salon franchise

How to start beauty salon business? When we think about the franchise, two franchises get stuck in our mind...

Christmas Celebration @ Zein El Dine International- ゼンエルディーンインターナショナル

Merry Christmas!!! The team of Zein El Dine International celebrated Christmas on 25th December 2018 with a lot of happiness and enjoyment. Everyone decorated the tree with balls, stars, and toys etc. and the office...

How to Choose the Right Skin Renewal Cycle Products

We all have propensity that we take our healthy skin for granted and notices when it gets damaged that...

How Much Does a Japanese Franchise Cost?

Majestic beauty franchise Quick service specializing in Japanese salon Every journey starts with the first step. Our first step...

Majestic Skin : Future’s Natural Newest Cosmetic Product – And Here’s Why!

In the world full of pollution and stress, we usually apply some skin care products to hide our flaws....

What Is Human Stem Cells? Everything You Need To Know About Stem Cells

Human stem cells Every organ and tissue in our body is formed by stem cells. Stem cells are helpful to understand and treat dangerous disease. There are many different stem cells that are origin from...

Chinese tourists increase Japanese beauty export sales

Japanese cosmetic exports in 16 categories, such as lipstick and hair care, rose 48 percent to 343.3 billion yen...

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