How Much Does a Japanese Franchise Cost?

Majestic beauty franchise

Quick service specializing in Japanese salon
Every journey starts with the first step. Our first step began over 3 years ago when we first open our salon in Nagoya that still serving the best service related to beauty in Japanese style.

Since then, we have become the leading fast casual salon brand, we have established 5 more franchise in a different country and earning a huge amount of return in each year. A majestic beauty salon provides a great return on your investment and a chance to grow and succeed with the amazing organization.

There is a process to understand how connecting with Majestic Beauty can help you achieve your business goal.

1. Our philosophy

Our development is the key ingredients of our success. It means permitting best quality services by the qualified and professional staff. Offering fabulous services at each and every location and helping our customers make simply better choice when it comes to their health.

Our dedication and hard work show the success of our franchise. With marketing that will offer a great return of your investment and allow you to gain your business objectives.

2. Our mission

Our mission is to make majestic beauty the best service brand in the world. This mission helps us to guide in growth in other locations.

3. Our vision

Our vision is to make everything better and try to learn new technology related to beauty. From our responsibility to serve updating techniques of beauty to delivering the support to our franchise is our long-term vision.

It is time to do something for you by following your passion of opening salon.

How much it cost to open a majestic beauty salon franchise?
Every franchise company requires you to pay an initial amount of fee. The franchise fees are usually between $20000 and $50000. The franchise fees cover the training cost, royalty fee, renewal fee, and advertising fee. The items and benefits are included in a franchise fee are different for every company.

The estimated investment required to open a majestic beauty is between $25000-$30000. Majestic Beauty salon grants you the license to run a business under the Majestic beauty name.

We are providing franchise opportunities in Japan. If you are interested then contact us.

Do you want to open a beauty salon franchise in your country? if yes, Email us at info@zedinternational.net or call now at +81 52-485-4301.

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