How to Choose the Right Skin Renewal Cycle Products

We all have propensity that we take our healthy skin for granted and notices when it gets damaged that is skin renewal cycle. We start worrying or keep caring about skin when it starts aging and or minor changes occur.But our skin automatically has the habit to protect us from UV rays, regulates our body temperature and aids us to touch and feel.Our face is also home to billions of living bacteria. As we learn about that how important they are to our overall wellbeing.

Regeneration rate

Human skin cells have three types of the layer: the epidermis, the dermis, and the subcutaneous tissue.
The epidermis cells are the outer layer of the cell, it undergoes for renewing; every 28 days all cells replaced by new cells. The turnover changes as per our life cycle.There are some best Japanese skin care products like majestic skin that will help you to grow new cells faster.The healing process is also slow down when we grow old. The cuts and wounds heal faster when we are young.

Talking about deep sides of the skin

The second layer is dermis contains blood vessels and oxygen that provides nutrients the body and takes waste products away.The skin’s third layer the subcutaneous tissue is home to blood vessels and it is made by connective tissue and fat.We have understood the types of skin. We were talking about the importance of microorganism lives on our skin. They are known as the microbiome. Microbiomes are for hosting You will not believe there are 100 trillion bacteria are on your face right now including viruses and mites.Imbalance in these bacteria can cause you asthma, obesity and many more.A guide to skin maintenance Drinking water and eating plenty of food that contains the antioxidants can help you to improve the quality of the skin.Keeping skin clean, wash it daily with warm water and a healthy diet is the suggestion of most of us.But we grow old, our skin starts changing. Our skin is looking less youthful and dry is unnecessary processes, but there is something we can control like stop smoking, not drinking excessively. Taking the proper diet and little bit exercise can help you to slow down the age.Some experts say that there would be no wrinkles on your face if you should not come direct contact with the sun. Those who have lighter skin tone have the higher chances to attract UV rays.If you decide to apply any product on your skin, Make sure it should not leave the bad impact on your skin.Talk to your dermatologist if you notice any changes in your skin.


We don’t care about the healthy skin but it starts aging we got to worry about, but we have to understand that proper diet and exercise can help you to get rid of any problem in your life. Microbiomes or bacteria are good for our skin. If they get decline that might cause a problem in your health. If you are seeing any problem in your skin or your skin is getting any problem, consult with your dermatologist.

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