Ohh Fashion

Ohh Fashion

Ohh Fashion Agency

Our Outlets

  • Japan - (10)
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia
  • UAE
  • India
  • Singapore

Our Services

  • Event planning
  • Model management
  • Production and show planning
  • Global celebrity,fashion, and model management

Creativity is what makes our business run

Our Company

At Ohh Fashion novelty and creation runs through our veins. Based in Japan, Ohh Fashion was established in 2006. Since the advent, we have strived to be the global leader in providing professional modelling services.

Our business is built on the understanding of strategic development, support brands, strategic development, and marketing. As the world keeps being continuously dynamic, creativity has to be blended with consumer datasets for the brand to stand out. Innovation and marketing accuracy is yet another factor that should be kept in mind.

Our brand survived and came out to triumphant in Japan, and over the time has gained a great reputation thanks to our CEO whose leadership qualities has guided us right from the start.

Our Services

We are always in a constant search for new challenges to advance to higher grounds every day. However, our primary objective remains to build our presence abroad. With branches established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, we are striving to expand our business and break into the European market in the near future. Our international forward-looking proficiency aids us in supporting our clients in the best way possible.

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