About us

“We combined the Japanese dedication to high-quality work with a touch of modern ways of doing business

in beauty, fashion, and tech. We are young, full of energy, and passionate about what we do.  

we believe dreams have no limits.” Our Supreme Value We dare to dream and make our dreams come true.

An extremely important pillar of our essence as a business is innovation. We are dreamers. But most importantly, we dream of solving our present and future customers’ problems. That’s our driving force.

We believe in the power to change the world of beauty and fashion, the technology required by those sectors to operate smoothly, and the technology that can change sectors with similar management problems.

We are always attentive to the changes in the highly-paced world of technology. Being one step ahead,

we realized that AI (artificial intelligence) could help our business and our collaborators in their daily work routine.

So, as the game-changers and visionaries we are,

we questioned ourselves: “How can we focus on improving the future by optimizing the present?”

With our AI products, we are challenging boundaries—our own and the worlds.

Our Business Zein El Dine International offers you an interesting, valuable, and synergetic blend of business lines:

• Tech services • Beauty services • A blend of both with tech tools for the management of beauty services

We invite you to further explore our business lines by following the links above.

Our Products Within the tech and beauty business lines, Zein El Dine International provides the following products:

• Beauty salons • Cosmetics retail • Model agency services • Web and mobile application development based on the hottest technologies such as AI and blockchain, plus Web and graphic design, and digital marketing services At the moment, we own five beauty salons in Japan, one in Vietnam, one in Indonesia, one in Singapore, and another in Dubai. Don’t hesitate and inquire us if you wish to become one of our Majestic Beauty salons franchisees.

You would be very honored by your interest and pleased with your contact. Moved by the rapid growth and the endless opportunities of the tech world, we launched our tech company ZED Techno Solutions in 2018. For instance, we developed the first business matching platform for entrepreneurs and business owners worldwide VIP Billionaires which was a great success in Japan. ZED Techno Solutions is present in Japan, Vietnam, India, and Lebanon.

Today, Japanese beauty and hotel industries face many unsolved challenges.

Very rapidly we started developing AI-based solutions aimed at solving those challenges.

Our international team is composed of excellent software engineers from India, Japan, Vietnam, and other countries. Together, we developed the first AI-based software system for the management of beauty salons in Japan JTS Board and a similar system for the management of hotels. JTS Board plans business operations based on small changes suggested by AI mechanisms. JTS Board improves salon sales and reduces its expenses, which translates to higher profits.

Our Commitments to You • Exceed your expectations. • Be quick and accurate in providing our services to you.

• Always welcome you with a friendly, kind, and warm smile.

“Regardless of the road I follow now or will follow in the future, my ultimate business goal is to solve my customers' problems and satisfy the needs of more and more customers with zero negative reviews.”

Company name

Zein El Dine International Co.,Ltd

started date

28 August 2015


5,000,000 USD

Owner name

Ismail Zein El Dine


Megumi Ohara

Tsuchida Seigo


about 150 employees



Japan, Nagoya shi, Nakamura-ku, Meiekiminami 3-3-21 BIAN CASA Kakomachi 2F





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Japan, Nagoya shi, Nakamura-ku, Meiekiminami 3-3-21

BIAN CASA Kakomachi 2F


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Zein El Dine International ゼンエルディーンインターナショナル is multinational Japanese company delivers emerging beauty salon franchise, artificial intelligence and more.

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