About us

Zein El Dine International Co., Ltd is a Japanese integrated company that develops and operates businesses together with its offices and subsidiaries in approximately 20 countries and regions worldwide, as well as a global network of 5 group companies.

Zein El Dine International has 3 Business Groups that operate across IT, Fashion and Beauty. Through these 3 Business Groups, 

We strive to maintain high ethical standards, create products and services that provide value to our customers, and become a company trusted and chosen by millions of customers, under the motto of “Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectation”

Going forward, we’ll aim to establish a company culture in which all members of the Zein El Dine International’s spirit of self-help and takes initiative in carefully assessing societal and customer expectations, considering what can be done to fulfill these expectations, taking appropriate action, and providing value, furthermore on building stronger relationships of trust with all of our customers.